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Colorado First Families Recognition Program

Are You A Colorado

First Family?


As genealogists, we're proud of where we came from and the stories of our ancestors' travels, lives, and histories. And we're proud of our ancestors' contributions to the places in which they settled and raised their families.


The Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies, commonly known as the Council, administers the First Families of Colorado program whereby descendants of Colorado pioneer families receive certificates of lineage honoring their Colorado heritage. The certificates are handsome, very suitable for framing (I'm sure most of them are), and memorialize Colorado early families.


The First Families of Colorado Recognition Program has been in place since 1983, and so far, hundreds of descendants have submitted proofs of lineage to Colorado ancestors and received certificates. The people who apply for and receive the certificates often include their children

and grandchildren, giving proof of a personal connection to Colorado. You can see the names of these descendants and their pioneer connections at:


There are three categories of recognition:


First Family, whereby an ancestor must have been born in, or settled in, the land area of what is now Colorado, before 28 February, 1861.


Territorial Family, whereby an ancestor must have been born in, or settled in, a territory that is now Colorado, between 28 February 1861 and 1 August 1876.


Centennial Family, whereby an ancestor must have been born in, or settled in, Colorado at least 100 years prior to the date of Centennial Family application.


You may learn more about the First Families program at:


Applicants need not be current residents of Colorado. Indeed, many descendants do not reside in Colorado, but proudly remember their Colorado heritage.


Applicants may submit documentation tracing their ancestors' activities and existence in

Colorado by way of census records, church records, and birth, marriage and death records.


For an application, visit